dimanche 9 février 2014

Nautical , Navy,Marine NAIL ART

This nail design is perfect for summer days or sailing the ocean, it is super cute and easy to do! so lets get started with this nautical nail design: Apply white nail polish in all of your nails except the ring finger one. With a thin brush and red nail polish, paint many horizontal stripes such as indicated below. If you have a hard time making straight stripes by hand, you can use striping tape to help you with it.
Paint your ring finger dark blue and use a dotting tool to create a big white circle at the top of your nail. Then use a white striper to create a vertical line coming down from it. Add two curved lines at the bottom, then add a blue small circle on top of the white one. Apply top coat and that’s it! This is a beautiful summery design that can be done easily and look fabulous!
Nautical , Navy,Marine NAIL ART Tutorial

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