samedi 22 mars 2014

Yellow Outfit Match-Ideas and Styles

Yellow is a beautiful bright colour that unfortunately doesn’t match with everything! It’s no secret that we all love yellow because of its intensity but matching it with other clothing or accessorise is the hard part. But today I am going to share with you all some of the best outfits styles and ideas of all Hijabis to match their yellow clothes the best way possible (based on the season as well).
Yellow is most commonly being wore during the spring or summer but if you have a beautiful top that is perfect for winter but the colour is making you have second thoughts about it, then don’t! Yellow can perfectly be wore for winter and it goes very well with black (such as shown in the 1st picture).
You can wear your yellow top with a black Hijab and black/white printed maxi skirt (or simply black maxi).
But during the spring, it is easier to match any yellow clothing and as you can see on the third picture a yellow maxi skirt goes perfectly with a white top and blue/grey hijab.
If you have an elegant yellow maxi dress, then don’t worry about the jacket to wear on top. Simply find a white jacket and you are ready to go!
For more, have a close look at this gorgeous pictures below that are well matched and awesome looking!
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Floral Jacket Combo Idea for Spring/Summer

We all love floral jackets not only because they look awesome on hot sunny spring/summer days but because they can brighten up your whole outfit and make you look fresh and beautiful. Of course, a floral jacket also needs a good combo and styles, -and that’s why I bring to you all this awesome idea of floral jacket. Depending on the main floral colour your jacket has, it is recommended you wear the same colour maxi skirt; as you can notice below the jackets mail floral colour is blue, that’s why the maxi skirt goes so well together with the jacket. As about the hijab colour, I would recommend a grey hijab or any other neutral colour such as white or beige.

5 Beautiful Hijab Wraps

You’ve been requesting many hijab tutorials for some wraps we’ve been sharing on our page, the loose hijab style, the headband one, the malaysian style and the chest coverage tutorial, we have already shared many before but we came out with some new beautiful ones that you might enjoy and learn from.

The first style is the loose hijab style made by the famous malaysian blogger Rnadia Sabrina that she calls “Pari Pari Style”

This style is a bit similar but requires two identical sides that are pinned up in the back.

I personally love this covering chest one with which you can also create some extra folds.

This is the headband style using a very short side to save more fabric for folds and chest coverage.

Finally this malaysian look with a loose wrap and a trendy pin back side.

Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles

Prescription glasses are a must to many of us, and for those who wear Hijab, know how hard it can be wearing Hijab and glasses at same time.
Contact lenses has gotten very popular and can be a good substitute for prescription glasses, however there are few things to consider when it comes to contact lenses, such as the risk of eye infections. Inserting a foreign object into your eyes, can lead to eye damage and infections, especially as contact lenses need super care daily.
Other things to consider is that contact lenses are easily to get lost,  and let’s not forget the yearly exam that has to be done when wearing contact lenses; so after reading all these, I don’t think it is reasonable to wear contact lenses. Glasses are way more comfortable and even cost less.
When talking about Hijab and glasses, we want them to match well but same time not to feel annoyed or in pain as the glasses arms can really cause a headache if wore too tight under the Hijab. That’s why it is recommended to wear an underscarf so the glasses arms don’t touch directly your skin.
Big framed glasses are more of a fashionable item rather than a necessity. We don’t need super big frames to have a clearer view, but they do look trendy and if you like them, look at the style number 3.
Even though most of us prefer buying black framed glasses, some choose colorful ones. I like the colorful ones but as long as it is a beautiful color that will not be a problem when wearing your Hijab. As for example if you buy pink framed glasses, matching them with a yellow Hijab would make you look like a rainbow. Have a look at style number 4 and 6 for colorful and printed glasses frames.
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles  Number 1:
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles Number 2:
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles  Number 3:
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles  Number 4:
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles  Number 5:
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles Number 6:
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles Number 7:
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles Number
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles 
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles Number 8:
Best Hijab & Glasses Frames Styles

Side Wrap Hijab Style in Only 12 Easy Steps

a65c768a8bbcd0e49fc963800938d1adSide wrap hijabs are very feminine and trendy, especially for young Muslim women that want to style their hijab differently. This is a very beautiful, easy and gorgeous hijab tutorial which you can wear for school, work, special occasions ect. I love the folds on the side as it gives it a very amazing look and the good thing is that everyone can do it. All you need is your scarf and this tutorial to help you achieve it. Share this article on your wall so you can have a look at it later to try it on. I promise, you will love it!

Stylish Hijab Tutorial

As much as we see hijab tutorials  everywhere on the web we end up thinking they look all alike, but the truth is that only one different touch or wrap of a hijab style can make it looks a brand new one.
Today’s tutorial is similar to many styles that have already been shared, but the way the last piece of fabric is pinned is what makes it different and stylish.
As you may have noticed, we have a long and a short side, the hijab was pinned under the chin, the short side was used as a volumizer and the long side was wraped all over the head, now the trick is to bring the ultimate end of the long side and pin it in the other side. I hope the tutorial is clear enough; enjoy.

Gorgeous in Black

Black is the simplest yet most gorgeous Hijab colour ever! We know it that a black Hijab is a must for every Muslim woman’s closet but nonetheless to say that not many of us find black to be attractive on daily basis and I believe that is because of the hard time we have combining it. But today I am going to give you some awesome ideas on how to wear black hijabs and look gorgeous in it.
1-Black and brown: Black and brown are two of the colours that never go out of fashion. In the first picture you can see a beautiful combination of these two colours. Just make sure to add a lot of accessories such as bracelets and rings because these two colours are very simple and some bling/accessories can really make a difference.
2- White and black: this is the classic combination that I absolutely love. In the second picture you can clearly see how awesome a black hijab looks with a black and white top.
3- All in black for special events: In the third picture you can clearly tell the class and elegance in it.
These and a lot more gorgeous combination of black hijabs both for daily wear and special events. Stay inspired with black. The simple, yet gorgeous hijab colour!

samedi 15 mars 2014

Classy Hijab Tutorial for All Events

Evening/Special events require you to dress in a classy way-which means a beautiful dress and an elegant hijab style. In order to achieve the amazing look, you need to start with your hijab-and learning this easy, gorgeous way on how to achieve that, is going to make your life way easier.
This is a side wrap that looks gorgeous and takes only 8 steps to achieve it. Looks sophisticated and suits to women at all ages. Start by choosing a long scarf because this styles is a cover-chest hijab style which is a perfect choice if you wear a tight dress upfront.
Simply follow the steps from one to eight and you will see by yourself how easy it actually is. In the last picture you can see there is a flower clip accessory on the side which is same colour as the hijab. You can either put that or keep it simple by wearing a necklace with the hijab because the tight scarf on the neck gives you the chance to try this hijab style with a necklace as well.

Classic Combination: Black and White

The classic combination of black and white never goes out of fashion and although some women think black and white its too plain and simple, today I am going to prove you wrong! Why? because you can always look stylish and trendy with a black and white dress.
In difference from most of the other colours where the season, the weather, or the event (day or night) helps on determining the combination of your outfit, black and white has nothing to do with that. You can always wear both these colours no matter the season or event.
When wearing a black and white dress you can always wear a black hijab and add some gold accessories to complete the looks. Below I have put together some of the best white and black dresses combination with hijabs so you all get inspired and try this look yourself because it is gorgeous!
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
The Clasic Combination of Black and White
The Classic Combination of Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White
Classic Combination: Black and White

Stylish Daily Hijab Tutorial in 12 Steps

91144af437923156ee266eed11147133This is a stylish hijab tutorial to match for all different events. Now you can wear your day hijab in a very girly and trendy way in only 12 easy steps. Once you get used to this step by step tutorial, you will be able to create this look in a very short amount of time. Of course, at first it will take you some bit of time to follow the tutorial but once you learn how to achieve it, I am sure this is going to be an inseparable part of your daily hijab look.

Hijab Tutorial: The Black Lace Headband Style

98961bdf2170f65c33bc2f1011fd3d0aLace headbands can be an awesome decoration for your hijab, especially for special occasions but we (the hijabis) know that wearing the lace on top of the hijab takes time, but with this tutorial you are going to embrace this style very easily. You can sew the lace over one of your hijabs or you can buy one that already has the lace on it. I simply sew by hand a line of black lace over on of my hijabs and it looks awesome. Do yours now and follow this awesome tutorial on how to wear it best.

Stylish Hijab Tutorial

Away from the ordinary, we would occasionally want to wear a stylish hijab style, just to break the routine and give us a sense of renewal and change.
However, we are sharing with you a new stylish hijab tutorial to inspire you and help you change, when necessary, your way of wearing your Veil.


For this tutorial, you will need a maxi scarf for more coverage, some pins and a headscarf.
Stylish Hijab Tutorial

Beautiful Casual Hijab Tutorial in Only 6 Steps

Wearing your Hijab with style at special events is something everyone can do-but keeping it casual and stylish on daily basis is the key to looking feminine and gorgeous wearing your Hijab.
There are many ways to wear Hijab daily; some get comfortable wearing the same style day in and day out while other’s want to try new designs and are not afraid to try them. I like diversity, and in my opinion is always good knowing more than one Hijab style to wear. You can try it on and see how it looks on you. Although I believe this style matches perfectly to all different face shapes. If you have a long face shape, avoid wearing the black undescarf. Go for a non-see through shawl material and is going to look same as this one. Not much of a difference.
This style is perfect to wear on daily basis-for work, school or simply when having a tea with your friends. It only takes 6 steps and super easy to follow. Choose a shawl that you like and wear a black (or any other color) underscarf that you like.
Pin the Hijab on both sides as the picture indicates and you will create a gorgeous ruffle on the side. Very easy and takes so little time. Try it and share with us your opinion on this Tutorial. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to try it on myself but first thought to share it with you all so you can try it also.
Beautiful Casual Hijab Tutorial in Only 6 Steps

dimanche 9 mars 2014

How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way


  1. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 1.jpg
    Instead of the traditional 3 meals a day, eat only when you are actually hungry, and eat what you like but try to be healthy. Avoid eating anything 3 hours before sleeping.
  2. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 2.jpg
    Avoid eating/drinking any caffeine past 4:30 in the afternoon. This will make it so by the time you go to bed you are tired enough to go to sleep.
  3. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 3.jpg
    Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. This will boost your metabolism.
  4. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 4.jpg
    Avoid chocolate, cake, brownies, potato chips, ice cream, fizzy drinks or any junk food.
  5. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 5.jpg
    Never starve yourself. It shuts down your metabolism which is a major process to help you lose weight. It also makes you feel woozy, tired, and makes you hungrier and your weight-loss plan unsustainable.
  6. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 6.jpg
    Avoid sodas or juices that contain a lot of sugar. Instead try 100% fruit juice, tea, or water.
  7. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 7.jpg
    Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially if you feel like snacking or for dessert. Note that some plants such as corns, avocado, banana, coconut, contain much higher calories than others. You don't need to avoid all the high calories plants but just don't think you can eat them as much as you want.
  8. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 8.jpg
    Aim to eat 'good carbs' (which have a low glycemic index) such as brown rice, oatmeal, wholewheat or 12-grain bread and wholewheat pasta, carb-balance (high fiber) tortillas. (Avoid white foods: white bread, potatoes, sugary foods, flour tortillas, white pasta, and fried foods.) Try not to have carbs after 5pm as any unused carbs will likely be stored as fat overnight, negating your morning bike session.
  9. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 9.jpg
    Don’t forget about exercising! When trying to lose weight, some people can get so wrapped up in cutting calories and portion sizes that they forget about the importance of exercise. If it's hard to maintain or start an exercise routine, use each Monday as the day to recommit to eating right and exercising. Take part in a Monday Mile, enroll in a fitness class, or make a schedule to exercise for the week. Healthy Monday is a national non-profit, public health campaign that encourages people to use Monday as the day for all things healthy.
  10. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 10.jpg
    Consider using "high intensity interval training" such as sprinting "all out" for reaching 85% to 90% of your maximum, safe heart rate, about 10 to 20 seconds (a track sprinter can run 100 meters in approx. 10 seconds). Rest a minute or 90 seconds -- and then do another dash. Repeating several times.
  11. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 11.jpg
    Maintain a steady intake of protein, aiming for a minimum of 'your body weight in pounds' (in grams) of protein. If you would like to build a bit of muscle, double that, and begin some weight training. This will supercharge your metabolism and greatly increase your body's fat-burning ability.
  12. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 12.jpg
    Ride on a cardio exercise bike (do aerobics) for at least 20-30 minutes for each session. This is because the body takes time to deplete its glycogen stores and switch to a fat burning environment. Exercising for less than 20-30 minutes doesn't help much on burning fat.
  13. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 13.jpg
    Try to do cardio exercises immediately after waking up, as you have had no food in your system all night, and therefore the first place your body will get energy from is the fat stores (not the muscles because you are using them).Bear in mind that after the bike, wait about 20 minutes and then eat a solid breakfast so your body knows you are not starving (that would be detrimental to the cause).
  14. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 14.jpg
    Wake up at a normal hour like 7:00, or 8:00 or 9:00, if you are pushing it. Go to bed before midnight: your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to function the right way.
  15. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 15.jpg
    Eat breakfast each morning. Eating something in the morning gets your metabolism going and helps prevent your binge eating later in the day.
  16. Lose Weight the Healthy Way Step 16.jpg
    Drink plenty of water, and cut down on carbonated beverages, particularly those with a lot of sugar. Try to not drink any soda.