mercredi 5 mars 2014

Beige Hijab Trends and Styles

Beige is one of the few neutral colours that matches with nearly everything; and that’s why I am writing this article. Many women find beige hijab to be plain and simple but today I will show you all how to wear beige hijab and look fabulous!
A great way to wear beige hijab and make it look appealing, is by wearing golden accessories with it. A golden necklace  or any other intense necklace with big rhinestone such as shown in the first picture would make your simple beige hijab look awesome!
Worried about what hijab colour to match with your black and white stripe jacket? well, not anymore because beige hijab is going to match with your entire closet.
If you have an evening dress that simply doesn’t match with any other colour except beige, then consider a shimmery beige hijab such as the last picture. Have a look at these beautiful pictures of inspirational Muslim women and their gorgeous beige hijab outfits.


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