mardi 11 février 2014

Swirl DIY Nail Art Tutorial

The retro down arrow is a favourite in that fashion sector and with its unique color pattern that just brings that hip talk about look. Its so simply to do, you will be flowing with idea’s.
1. Apply the white back ground to began this party. Cut out a thin long strip that hangs over the nail, cut other 4 strips and then cut them in half. Lay down the longest strip in the middle of the nail.
2.With remaining strips, apply two on each said. 2 on the bottom left hand corner also 2 in the top left and repeating these steps on the right said. Using that as a guide start from the top of the nail with the blue and orange, then the black and back to blue and orange.
3. Finish with the black on the bottom, let it dry for 5mintues.
4. Take the guide strips off and now the arrow appears.
I know you will have fun doing this and just do it slowly and carefully
Swirl DIY Nail Art Tutorial

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