vendredi 14 février 2014

The Back Bow Bun Tutorial

Bun hairstyle have been the most popular hairstyle of the year-and of course this hair design has a long history behind and that is because of its simplicity and beauty that holds. Buns are the most comfortable hairstyles for day wear and that is because it can be done in a very short amount of time and looks fabulous.
Although we all love buns, we are all looking for different ideas on how to create them and especially accessorize because buns are very simple but now you can create something different from others. This is the back bow bun that looks very girly and in only four steps you can now create this hairstyle for school, work, date, walk ect. Start by brushing your hair such as shown in the first picture and then place the sock bun by putting your head upside down and then with bobby pins hide the ends under the sock such as shown in the third picture.
Take a bow and place it on the back of your head such as shown in the forth picture. I am sure you can all find bows at any hair and beauty accessories with a very low price. I look forward on creating this hairstyle myself, let us know how it looks on you!
The Back Bow Bun Tutorial

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