dimanche 23 février 2014

Black Manicure and Golden Stripes Tutorial

You can do so many different designs to meet any occasions with this wonderful and beautiful idea. Just have a look how good the black and gold go in so many different ways. The black itself is has dangerous sexy affect and the gold really does just bring it all together. You will be surprise with the ideas that you come up with. So with no time to waste I will tell you how to do it.
1. Start with making a outline around the nail and then feeling it in with the black nail polish. Let it dry and make any necessary clean ups or fix ups.
2. Now with the gold ribbon (don’t forget it is up to you how thick you want the ribbon) being to let your mind run wild with your ideas.
I would suggest to play around with this design until you feel comfortable with what you are trying to archive.
Black Manicure and Golden Stripes Tutorial

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