dimanche 16 février 2014

Hot Trend: Black Eyeliner & Red Lips Tutorial

I have recently purchased a red lipstick and I am totally in love with it. I have experimented with different lipstick colors but when I tried red, I knew it was something different and that suited my face figures perfectly. But the good thing of red lipstick is that it suits perfectly both brunettes and blondes. But most important it matches very well with black eyeliner. Black eyeliner might need some skills, or better say experience when applying it. When I first start using eyeliner I was in High Shcool and to be honest, I wouldn’t make the best eyeliner but it was okay considering to how other girls would do it. With each year passing by I started making it better everyday and today I can say that I apply eyeliner with a one single line. That’s an achievement because it takes some girls years and they still apply eyeliner with separated lines and don’t get me wrong,that’s fine but takes more time and is harder because it needs a big focus but yet if you don’t have the experience it needs you can’t still apply it with a single line, therefore consider following the picture tutorial below for a easy way to make it.
I believe it is difficult to find the right eyeshadow to match with red lipstick but when using a black eyeliner you know that is going to match with everything and look gorgeous both for daily wear or evenings. I like wearing it daily mostly because it gives the fresh and young look but same time doesn’t look pale or like you have just woken up. It creates a strong feminine look and it is definitely a must try makeup for girls at any age. Simply beautiful!
Hot Trend: Black Eyeliner & Red Lips Tutorial

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