dimanche 16 février 2014

How to Make a Vintage Buttons Necklace

Making your own necklace is a way to be creative, expand your imagination and skills but at same time, save your hard earned money!
Women spend quite good money on jewelry but I don’t feel the need to spend my money on jewelry when I can easily make them in a cheap way. What I hate most about store bought jewelry is that you never know how long is going to last. For example I went to a store last month that was on sale and let me tell you, the original price was quite high comparing to the quality and i wouldn’t in any way buy anything on that store unless on sale, and I did bought a pair of earnings. They were quite fancy and appealing so I just kept wearing them for two weeks nearly everyday; but it didn’t took look until the metal start getting black! Just a waste of money really. Now I have found this awesome way to make necklaces and I am about to show you all how to do it.
This tutorial is about vintage necklaces. I love everything about vintage styles and I honestly believe that in the past fashion was way better than it is now. Now it just keep repeating and nothing new is ever coming out. Whatever we see on TV, be sure that it is a reverse of the past fashion trend. Anyway, i wanted to share with you all this gorgeous vintage necklace tutorial so you all make it yourself without the need to spend any penny. Enjoy and be creative!

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