dimanche 23 février 2014

Elegant Black & Glitter Nail Tutorial

This is a very unique, glamour’s design that starts of with that easy to add to black background and with the gold giving it the classy and witty effect. This is better design because gives you that I am in charge but classy effect look. With a nice pair of shoes this will give the up most respect.
1. With the lovely and most girls favorite, grab that lovely good nail color and just slightly up from the bottom of the nail make a half moon outline and fill in.
2. Using Paper Craft Scissors, thin see through paper and began to place it on the bottom of the nail. 3. With the remaining space on top began to fill in with black, I would leave the gold covered until the black began to dry.
Now you can see that it did not take much time or effort to successfully complete this design. You will feel in-creditable and look amazing, I do say this will go very well with a nice dark or bright colored dress.
Elegant Black & Glitter Nail Tutorial

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