mardi 18 février 2014

Hot Red Nail Design Tutorial

The passion colour of red has inspired us into creating this gorgeous and unique nail design that requires no special skills or extra effort to create it. All you need is a simple red, black, gold, and sparkly beige nail polish, clear coat and that’s it. Start by applying red nail polish in all of your nails and let it dry for a few minutes. After the nail polish is totally dry, start by drawing a diagonal line with the sparkly beige nail polish (or any other manicure that looks similar to this one). Apply another diagonal line on the other side of your nail but this time with a black nail polish (create the ‘X’ shown in the picture).
Get your golden nail polish and apply a fine line very close to the black one you just apply but this time don’t go all way through but just half of it. Apply clear coat and you are done! This is perfect for Christmas, new years, clubbing, special events or simply for a change of looks. Matches with different colour outfits and makes your nails look like they have been painted by a pro. Have fun creating this easy, yet gorgeous nail design! Perfect for me, and you.
Hot Red Nail Design Tutorial

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