lundi 17 février 2014

How to Make a Beautiful Donut Bun

Donut Bun is the easiest hair style you can ever think of (of course after the ponytail). No matter the look you want to achieve, donut bun will do that for you. In only few minutes you can create all different bun styles such as : the messy bun, the classy bun or a sexy bun. It all depends how you want to look. However when looking at girls that have just started using this hair style (although it’s not something new, many girls try the donut bun for the first time or don’t really know how to create the bun the way they want) you can easily tell that there’s something missing and the donut bun just doesn’t look sophisticated. As long as you have medium/long hair, the donut bun is easy to make. You can use a the easy method of twisting around your hair into a donut bun shape and seal with bobby pins or you can first make a pony tail and then make your pony tail into a perfect bun. If you are looking for a classy and elegant bun I would recommend the sock bun. It keeps the hair in place and makes the donut bun look sophisticated and gorgeous. You can use an old sock (just make sure to choose one same color as your hair) or you can go to hair salon or hair product shop and buy a donut bun that you can used instead of a sock. Below the picture tutorials show you how to create the amazing donut bun for this hot days, where keeping your hair down, is just not an option.
DIY How to Make a Beautiful Donut Bun

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