vendredi 14 février 2014

DIY Easy Nail Polish Remover Jar

The process of removing your manicure off your nails can be really annoying thing at times, especially when applying glitter nail polish, which we all know, can be a real pain. But with this awesome and easy technique you can remove all different kinds of manicures in only a few seconds without getting your hands all messy. All you will need is a small jar, a piece of sponge, and nail polish remover.
Place the sponge inside the jar and gently press it in so it fits perfectly. Roll it up before you put it in the jar so it can fit your finger in it. Add nail polish remover and quickly dip your finger in it and leave it there for a few seconds. Remove your finger from the jar and you are going to see that all your nail polish is now gone! Repeat the same thing with each of your fingers and say goodbye to the hard time of removing nail polishes, especially dark colour ones and glitter. This is easy, effective and costless. Worth giving it a try, especially as you can buy a big bottle of nail polish remover for simply a 1$, which can last for over a month. I get mine from Rossmann but I am sure you can one at every shop! I hope you like this technique because I love it!
DIY Easy Nail Polish Remover Jar

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