lundi 17 février 2014

Blue Glitter Eyeshadow Tutorial

Have you found the right eye makeup for your upcoming special event? if not, then this tutorial below might the right one for you. Blue is the colour of the ocean and the sky, is the colour of timeless fashion trends and most important, the colour your eyes need to glow! Instructions: Start by applying foundation over your eyelids and then apply tape close to your lower lashes in order to avoid the glitter spread all over your face.
Apply the blue eye shadow all over your eyelid but not very close to the inner corner of your eyes because you will apply white shimmery eye shadow there to make your eyes pop! After applying these two colours carefully, blend the colours well together such as indicated. Apply blue glitter eye shadow all over your eyelid and then add black eyeliner ( have a look at my previous article on how to apply winged eyeliner if you need help with it). Apply black mascara and pencil on your lower lashes and you are done! As for lipstick to match it, the best colour is nude/naked (mate or gloss).

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