dimanche 16 février 2014

Coral Lipstick Trends

Coral is a reddish or pinkish shade of orange. It has many different shades, from light to dark but I like the medium one most. When it comes to corals, we know that it is a huge trend, and it has been for a long now. Not only we saw many celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Rita Ora, – wearing coral lipstick on the red carpet but nearly everyone in the streets wear it also. Although this trend got very -popular during spring, I believe we don’t have to get rid of it now, but instead wear it more because it brightens up your face and adds colors to your pale skin during autumn and winter. There are many ways to combine coral lipstick. That is with outfit, but most important with makeup (eyeshadow). The most popular way-if you wearing coral lipstick daily- it is by keeping your eyes natural, which means simply by applying mascara or black eyeliner. Also brown eyeshadow it looks very natural, especially on brunettes.
But if you are wearing coral lipstick for evening events then be sure that you have chose the right eyeshadow if you apply black. Smokey eye is not only very attractive but matches with nearly all kind of lipstick color. If you want to see how it looks, just web search the celebrity Sofia Vergara and you will see how beautiful she wears smokey eye with coral lipstick. The picture below is an illustration to how good it looks. I love this color and I have already bought the L’oreal Paris coral lipstick which I wear very often. Get inspired and wear coral lipstick for a change of looks. You and other’s will love it!
Coral Lipstick Trends

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