vendredi 14 février 2014

Braided Banana Clip Hairstyle | Hairstyle Tutorial

This beautiful hairstyle might look hard at first but its actually very easy to do. It only takes a few minutes and goes well for special events or day wear. Below the picture tutorial shall help you achieve this gorgeous hairstyle in a very easy way. Simply follow the steps indicated:
1.After straighten your hair, from the centre of the forehead grab a proration of the hair. Then begging to divide it into small sections and plat the sections.
2.Secure it with a clip (remember letting the hair have that puff affect), grab a section of the hair from the under the puff and place it into 3 sections and began a 3 basic strand braid.
3.From the left side of the forehead, grab a proration of the hair and add it to the left strand from the centre.
4. Repeat this step with the right and for the remaining hair.
5.When you get to the bottom of the hair tie it and tuck it underneath.
Keep in mind the main thing is to keep the clip hidden. Enjoy this new hair style and have fun doing it.
Braided Banana Clip Hairstyle | Hairstyle Tutorial

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