mercredi 12 février 2014

Green and Gold Nail Tutorial

Green and Gold are the perfect colour match for your nails! Today I bring to you all a beautiful and unique nail tutorial that is going to fascinate you. In order to create this nail design you will need a thin brush, gold nail polish, glitter nail polish, and green nail polish. Start by paining in green all your nails except the ring finger. The ring finger need to be painted in gold. After the nail polish is totally dried, take a thin brush and paint a golden leaf in the middle finger. While in the ring finger paint a green leaf such as indicated below. Take the glitter nail polish and apply it in all of your nails except the ones where you painted the leaves.
This is very easy and looks absolutely gorgeous. It is a reminder of the beauty that nature holds and you can now hold its colours on your nails. The good thing is that you can match your own favourite colours and create the same design. Some of the colours matches I would recommend would be : black and white, pink and black, blue and pink ect. There are many different matches you could try (depending on the seasons as well) but this one is perfect for all events and seasons, matches with nearly everything and I am sure you are going to love it.
Green and Gold Nail Tutorial

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