vendredi 14 février 2014

Reddish Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial

A beautiful combination of red and brown like nothing you have seen before! I used red eye shadow for the first time a few years ago and i fell in love with this colour so much, I continue applying it even today! I know that for some red is a very daring colour, but if matched well can really make the difference.
Start by applying the base over your eyelids and straight away apply some tape on your lower lashes in order to avoid eyeshadow spread on your face. Apply white shimmery eyeshadow all over your eyelid but focus more on the inner corner of your eyes. Apply red eyeshadow and gently blend it will such as indicated in the second picture. Apply the reddish brown eyeshadow by the end of your eyelid such as shown below. Apply black winged eyeliner, black pencil and mascara and you are done!
This is a beautiful eye makeup for all different eye colours but green eyes can really look intense and gorgeous! It is best matched with a nude lipstick but any other colour you like will be just fine. Have fun creating it and make your eyes pop in only a few minutes!
Reddish Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial

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