dimanche 23 février 2014

Glamorous Brown Eyeshadow in only 4 Steps

Brown eyeshadows are a must have for every girl but sadly not all of use like to apply it and that is because it can be ‘too simple’, but of course that is because you probably are not familiar with this gorgeous eyeshadow tutorial that I am about to show you below.In order to create this look you will need: brown eyeshadow, Beige eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and gold eyeliner.
1-Start by applying foundation over your eyelids.
2- Apply the brown eyeshadow with the help of a small brush such as indicated in the second picture. Now here is the tricky part, you need to blend it quiet well so it doesn’t look horrible.
3- Apply the beige eyeshadow and make sure to blend it with the brown eyeshadow so it looks a natural ‘fading’ makeup.
4- Apply a fine winged black eyeliner and then at the end, add a double line by using a gold sparkly eyeliner. Do the same thing for the inner corner of your eyes. This way you make your smokey brown eyes sparkle. Add black mascara and that’s all actually. This is a super easy, yet glamorous look that can be done in few minutes and suits well for school, work, or partying. Stop worrying about your daily makeup, now you can follow this method daily and make yourself look fabulous.
Glamorous Brown Eyeshadow in only 4 Steps

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