dimanche 23 février 2014

Black and Glitter Nail Tutorial

This is so much fun and it just works with clothes, events, family gatherings and the list goes on. I do say that blacks works so well this pattern and texture because black is so usefully with it giving that shinny reflections and making the grey sparkle to stand out and blend in. I suggest that you use a see through paper so you can place into the edge of the nail on both sides.
1. Use Paper Craft Scissors, thin see through paper and being to cut out your designs. I will recommend that you make as many different, outstanding designs and just play around with it.
2. Paint the outside of the nail (just make a boarder around the nail) and being to paint it in and let it dry out .
3. Now with the design you have chosen, place it on top of nail and flatten it out until satisfied. Carefully place the grey nail polish on the exposed bottom area.
Let it dry and you have this simple yet affect fun design for your nails. After you get us to it you can being to add different colors and accessories to it.
Black and Glitter Nail Tutorial

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