mardi 18 février 2014

How to Apply Gold and Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

When it comes to matching two colours together to apply on your eyes, we have rarely seen before gold and purple together, but that’s what makes this makeup tutorial so unique. This is a glamorous, yet easy to follow tutorial that shall help you all achieve the best look for special events. Start by applying foundation over your eyelids and then with a brown pencil apply a fine line by the end of your eyelids, up to the inner corner such as indicated below. This way the golden eye makeup will have a beautiful shadow that will make the whole makeup look deeper and intense. With a medium size brush smudge the brown line your previously applying and then apply purple eye shad0w on top of the brown pencil.
Add a very light golden eye shadow all over your eyelids and then apply a second one with golden glitter eye shadow. With a purple pencil or liquid eyeliner/ eye shadow apply a very thick line on the lower lashes such as indicated below. Add black eyeliner, black mascara and you are done!
How to Apply Gold and Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

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