mercredi 12 février 2014

Green and Gold Makeup Tutorial

A very exotic darkness background illusion that brings all the attention to your eyes. Green being a season top favourite, the touch of gold just blends it all together and the black just brings that touch of class with the eyeliner and the dark lashes to give it that sparkle.
1. Starting with a bit of foundation, apply the brush under the eyebrow covering the whole eyelid and let it dry.
2. Apply the green to the top of the eyelid leaving the corner free.
3. In the corner finish it off the amazing gold.
4. With a thin brush apply a thick black line above the eye lashes going from corner to corner and with the pencil proceed with eye line.
5. Apply lightly on the eye lashes and brush them up carefully.
You will have a lot of fun with this design as it will go with any outfit, shoes and assessors. The number 1 thing it will give you is the spot light of the room with those just grabbing everyone attention it will truly brighten up your night and that lovely outfit
Green and Gold Makeup Tutorial

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