vendredi 14 février 2014

Simple but Fabulous Beige Makeup Idea

Beige is one of the simplest colour makeups you will ever find and although some women find it ‘too simple’, I believe that is because you haven’t probably applied it correctly, or at least not in a way that I am about to show you all today. In order to achieve this awesome look you will need a beige lipstick, beige eyeshadow, pink glitter, black liquid eyeliner and a black pencil.
Start by applying foundation over your eyelid and then gently apply the beige eyeshadow all over your eyelid up to your eyebrows as well. After making sure that is done correctly, then with the help fo a brush add some pinkish glitter in there and then get your black liquid eyeliner and create a beautiful winged look. Apply black pencil on your lower lashes, a black mascara and you are done with the eyes.
Now is time for the lipstick. With the help of a dark beige/ or light brown pencil, carefully line your lips around. Make sure you don’t draw the line more then you should. It can be very tempting to draw the line out of your real line but that will not make your lips look bigger! I know that some women do that thinking it makes their lips look bigger, but believe me, it doesn’t. Add the beige lipstick and you are ready to go! This is a simple yet fabulous look for daily wear, school, work ect. It only takes few minutes to create-so you can apply it even when you are in a hurry. Have fun and make yourself look fabulous with this simple makeup idea.
Simple but Fabulous Beige Makeup Idea

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