dimanche 23 février 2014

Arrowheads Pattern Nail Tutorial

Are you a fan of patterned nail designs? If so, then have a close look to this gorgeous nail design that is being done in a very short amount of time, without the need of any special skills.
In order to create the same nail design you will need two different nail polishes, in the tutorial below you can see that the colours used are gold and black. I find this to be a great match that is both classy and fabulous.
Start by applying a full coat of gold nail polish and then with the help of a very thin brush, paint a straight line of black nail polish. After you paint the first line, repeat the procedure until you get the same look as the picture number 1. You can use a tape if you having a hard time painting straight line.
After you have painted the horizontal lines on the first picture, start painting the second lines such as shown in the picture number two. Repeat the same thing but on the opposite side of your nail and then with the thin brush you used to paint the lines, start filling the triangle shapes such as indicated on the forth picture.
This is very easy to do but it might require some time to do it, considering you have to paint ten nails in this design. Or you can apply this design only on your ring finger and keep the rest of your nails in gold. Whatever you choose, I can assure you that is going to look awesome.
Arrowheads Pattern Nail Tutorial

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