mercredi 12 février 2014

Find the Best eyeliner For You


Eye lining is an important part of almost each eye makeup, so don`t underestimated. The cosmetic industry, wisely enough, provided a wide variety of eye liners to choose from, so let`s check the out and then you`ll be able to choose the best one for you.
First of all, what kind of eyeliner, you`d choose depends mainly on how your apply it and what effect you`d like to achieve. This is a brief review of the most popular eye lining tools.
1. Pencil eyeliner
It is widely used and usually the first eye lining tool of every girls, as it is pretty easy to apply. What`s more – it is ideal for smokey eye makeup. There are a few types of pencil eyeliner – powder-based, wax-based, eye kohl and mechanical twist pencil.
2.Liquid eyeliner
It looks awesome, but you do need a steady hand for it. They will provide you with a clear, sharp line, which you cannot achieve with an ordinary pencil. You can choose from brush applicator based liquid eyeliner and felt or pen based one. Usually the pen based and more precise, easier to use and dry faster.
3.Gel or Cream Eyeliner
The difference between them and the liquid liner is that they are not so “wet”. It does not smudge and in most cases it is water resistant. Good qualities, if you want your makeup last longer. This eyeliner is being applied with a special brush, which you need to  keep clean (or be careful not to lose it).
4.Cake liner
It is professionals ‘most preferred “piece of cake”. I makes a very clean and accurate line, but a steady hand is required. It comes in a convenient box, but you need a liquid liner brush to apply it. The cake liner is good for smokey eye makeup and lasts for long.
So these are the main types of eye liners – which one do you like most?

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