lundi 17 février 2014

Fashionable T-shirt- Video Tutorial

Nearly most of us have those old fashioned boring t-shirts that just lay on our wardrobe and rarely get wore. Why is that? Because we might like them on the shop, but once we get home, they just don’t look that appealing anymore, but with this easy technique you will now turn your simple t-shirt into a fashionable shirt to wear daily.

1-Start by cutting the necklace of the shirt (unless the shirt has a low neck, which in case you can as well just cut the back).
2-Fold the shirt in half, and with the help of a rule, draw a straight line such as shown below.
3-Start cutting stripes (same size) in a triangle order.
4-Once you are done cutting them, start pulling them aside to make them tiny and rolled up.
5-Watch the video to learn how to flip the stripes under each other in order to make this gorgeous shirt design. This is a high fashioned shirt which is found in different clothing shop but why go and buy one spending your hard earned money when you can easily make one yourself with just a pair of scissors.

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