mardi 18 février 2014

Black and Shimmery Grey Night-out Makeup Tutorial

This truly is only for the biggest events in your life like your wedding friends wedding, these type of events. You can tell already how eye catching this is and amazing vibe it brings out.
1. Start with a thin brush, apply the black from corner to corner (eyelid) and proceed half way around the eyelid.
2. Starting thick in corner and then began to add it very lightly. Finishing half way on the eyelid.
3. Now with the remaining empty space apply the silver remembering just to lightly brush it in with the black to give it that blend affect.
4. Apply the eyeliner (top and bottom) very thickly to give it that final beautiful dark effect.
Keep in mind to add the mascara thickly to bring it all together for that final stand out effect.
Black and Shimmery Grey Night-out Makeup Tutorial

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