mardi 11 février 2014

Nail Art How to: Rose Nail Tutorial

With red, purple and blue roses in each corner. This really a fun wearing design that goes well in the spring and summer fashion. I suggest using a thin brush to draw the roses and to fill the green in-between.
1. Apply the white for the background, start with a outline of the nail and fill in carefully.
2. Best way to apply the red, blue and purple dots is doing a triangle, with the purple being at the bottom of the nail.
3. Draw a outline of 3 half moon shapes around each dot and fill in carefully fill them in. The roses only just a very tin bit away from each other.
4. Finish off with fill in the remaining spaces with the green. Make it a little ruff so there is a bit of white to see Now go out and have fun with this beautiful peaceful design
Nail Art How to: Rose Nail Tutorial

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