vendredi 14 février 2014

Nicole Scherzinger`s Fishtail Braid

Nicole Scherzinger is an American singer/songwriter that made her first appearance on a TV show called popstar. She is of Russian and Filipino descent but she is known for being a beauty icon and that is because of her perfect face and body. She is loved from people all around the world not only for her appearance but because of her talent. Nicole is known for her trendy and fashionable looks as well. She has an unique style but what I love most about her is the hair and how she styles them in a way that makes us all ‘jealous’ and want to have the exact same hair and style. That’s what Inspired me to look for her latest fishtail hair style and share it with you all, so even you can try her beautiful hairstyle.
Thee fishtail braid is very fashionable and it suits to all women no matter the age, but in order to create it, first you will need to know some basic tips on how to braid your hair and second to follow the tutorial below carefully because it is a bit complicated (of course as long as you don’t know how to fishtail). You will nee long or at least medium hair length to create the same hairstyle. It is recommended you ask a friend, sibling or family member to help you create this hairstyle because it is a bit hard to look at the back of your head while creating this style. Simply follow the picture tutorial below carefully and you are going to have the best fishtailed hairstyle ever!
Nicole Scherzinger`s Fishtail Braid

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