dimanche 16 février 2014

Butterfly Nails Tutorial

While looking at my nails today, I realized that it had been awhile since I last made any design or put any time or effort into my nails but today I decided to do something different; so i started by removing my old nail polished which had vanished on the tip of the nail; after taking that all off, i carefully cut my nail as they had gotten too long and I like to keep my nails on a ‘normal’ length. Then using a brush i cleaned all the dead cells and so went on the web to look for some nail designs. Of course, I was looking for something easy, as to be honest nobody wants to spend two hours on a nail design! Simple as that….we all have other things to do, or places to be so doing a nail design that is going to look fabulous and requires only few minutes of your time is fundamental-and it was then when I found this gorgeous butterfly nail tutorial!
I fell in love with the design as soon as I saw it and after doing it myself I realized that it was even easier than it looks in the pictures!
How to do it? Simply follow the picture tutorial below. Start by applying a neutral (transparent) nail polished on your nails and then using a small brush start painting a butterfly such as in the picture below. The beauty of this nail art is that you can use any color you like! It doesn’t have to necessary be purple and pink, you can use green, yellow, blue any color you desire! Have fun with butterfly nail and enjoy doing it!

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