dimanche 23 février 2014

Spiral French Braid

This has given a old style of platting your hair a classic and stylish appeal to it. The design is just amazing in self, with the texture and circle effect truly brings it all together and gives it that whoo affect.
1. Part the hair evenly and then make a ponytail right in the middle of the head.
2. Being to platt the hair from the side of the fringe, split the ponytail down the middle and began to fed it while you platt the fringe.
3. Repeat the steps to the other side.
4. Now when you have finished feeding the hair through the platt. Grab the remaining platts on each side and began to platt them together.
This such a classic platt that should be used more often. It can be used for that job interview because it does have that business, shop attend or whatever job your going for. It can be used to keep the hair out of the way for when your studying or just watching a movie. As you can read this style can be used for any occasion.
Spiral French Braid Tutorial

Double Twisted Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

This is a fun and easy twisted bun to do for school, work, or you can even match it with an elegant dress for your special event. Wrap your hair into a ponytail such as indicated in the first picture and then separate the ponytail into two parts. After you do that, add some hairspray on your ponytail to help the twist we going to do latest stay in place. Now get one part of the ponytail and flip it around the other part such as indicated in the forth picture. Once you have rich the end, secure it with an elastic band but I would suggest you still hold the end of the twisted ponytail with one of your hands because it will likely twist around and ruin the work.
Start twisting it around in the shape of a bun and once you have done that, secure the end with bobby pins. As you can see, this hairstyle needs some really long hair to be create and that is because you are going to do a lot of flips and twists which can not be done if you have medium hair. I have just cut mine short lately so this hairstyle is out of reach for me but I thought you might like it and why not, show it a fried, sister or family member that has long hair and would like to try this hairstyle. It is easier than it looks. For example if you would look at the final result only, you would probably think that this hairstyle takes a hard work to create but after seeing the step by step guide you can realise how easy it is and how little time it takes. Try it now for an awesome look.
Double Twisted Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Arrowheads Pattern Nail Tutorial

Are you a fan of patterned nail designs? If so, then have a close look to this gorgeous nail design that is being done in a very short amount of time, without the need of any special skills.
In order to create the same nail design you will need two different nail polishes, in the tutorial below you can see that the colours used are gold and black. I find this to be a great match that is both classy and fabulous.
Start by applying a full coat of gold nail polish and then with the help of a very thin brush, paint a straight line of black nail polish. After you paint the first line, repeat the procedure until you get the same look as the picture number 1. You can use a tape if you having a hard time painting straight line.
After you have painted the horizontal lines on the first picture, start painting the second lines such as shown in the picture number two. Repeat the same thing but on the opposite side of your nail and then with the thin brush you used to paint the lines, start filling the triangle shapes such as indicated on the forth picture.
This is very easy to do but it might require some time to do it, considering you have to paint ten nails in this design. Or you can apply this design only on your ring finger and keep the rest of your nails in gold. Whatever you choose, I can assure you that is going to look awesome.
Arrowheads Pattern Nail Tutorial

Nail Art How To: Turtle Shell Gradient Nails

This is a gorgeous tutorial that will make your nails look awesome and colourful. Although it might look hard when looking the tutorial at first, if you carefully follow the steps one by one, you will realise how easy it actually is and how your nails are going to look feminine and fun. Start by applying a full coat of white nail polish in all of your nails and while that being dried, take some scotch tape and place it around your nails (on your cuticles) so you wont spend time cleaning the nail around you because in case you haven’t tried nail tutorials using sponge before, let me tell you, it can get a bit messy.
Nail Art How To: Turtle Shell Gradient Nails
Nail Art How To: Turtle Shell Gradient Nails
In a small piece of sponge add four different colour of nail polish (whatever colours you might have chosen). Below you can see that the chosen colours are yellow, blue, purple and green. Place the sponge in each and every nail carefully and once that is being done, safely remove the tape off your nails. With acetone and cotton swabs clean the nail around and then paint the polish on to the stamp plate, make sure to cover the entire design. Scrape the excess polish from the design. In a rolling motion, press the stamper on the plate to transfer the design. This is easier being done if you keep your hand pressed in a surface (table for example) so the stamper can really be transferred on your nails. Apply a glittery nail polish at the end and that’s is it! A beautiful nail design in only few minutes. Give it a go and find out by yourself how easy and how good it actually looks.

Beautiful Patterned Warm Colour Nail Tutorial

The nail design you see below is made of irregular triangle shapes that are met together in the centre of each of your nails. This gorgeous look is super easy to create and it is suitable for all kind of nails, short, medium or long ones. I find this tutorial to be perfect for beginners as well because the style is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Before you get start you need to make sure that you can paint a straight line with your manicure if you want to achieve a similar look as to the one below.
If you have a hard time creating straight lines with manicure, then feel free to use tape. Although the usage of tape mind take you a little bit more time because you would have to wait for each triangle painted in your nails to dry, at least the lines would be straight and your nails will look gorgeous. But if you feel confident to apply the nail polishes without the need of tape then feel free to do so. If you want to create the exact same design, you will need the exact same colour nail polishes of course. I find this combination to be perfect for every season and that is because the colours are warm and beautiful.
Start by applying a full coat of beige/pinkish nail polish in all of your nails and after that is being dried, add a pale beige triangle shaped on the side of your nail such as showed in the second picture. In the opposite place of the first triangle paint another one but this time in blue. Next to it paint another one but in golden glitter nail polish, and next to this one, paint another one in baby blue colour. Now, the colour range might change from nail to nail. Its not important on where and how you shape the triangle but to use the same colours in all of your nails. Make sure to apply top coat in the end and you are done! 8 easy steps for an awesome look.
Beautiful Patterned Warm Colour Nail Tutorial

Black and Glitter Nail Tutorial

This is so much fun and it just works with clothes, events, family gatherings and the list goes on. I do say that blacks works so well this pattern and texture because black is so usefully with it giving that shinny reflections and making the grey sparkle to stand out and blend in. I suggest that you use a see through paper so you can place into the edge of the nail on both sides.
1. Use Paper Craft Scissors, thin see through paper and being to cut out your designs. I will recommend that you make as many different, outstanding designs and just play around with it.
2. Paint the outside of the nail (just make a boarder around the nail) and being to paint it in and let it dry out .
3. Now with the design you have chosen, place it on top of nail and flatten it out until satisfied. Carefully place the grey nail polish on the exposed bottom area.
Let it dry and you have this simple yet affect fun design for your nails. After you get us to it you can being to add different colors and accessories to it.
Black and Glitter Nail Tutorial

Elegant Black & Glitter Nail Tutorial

This is a very unique, glamour’s design that starts of with that easy to add to black background and with the gold giving it the classy and witty effect. This is better design because gives you that I am in charge but classy effect look. With a nice pair of shoes this will give the up most respect.
1. With the lovely and most girls favorite, grab that lovely good nail color and just slightly up from the bottom of the nail make a half moon outline and fill in.
2. Using Paper Craft Scissors, thin see through paper and began to place it on the bottom of the nail. 3. With the remaining space on top began to fill in with black, I would leave the gold covered until the black began to dry.
Now you can see that it did not take much time or effort to successfully complete this design. You will feel in-creditable and look amazing, I do say this will go very well with a nice dark or bright colored dress.
Elegant Black & Glitter Nail Tutorial

Romantic Lace Nail Tutorial

Lace has always being a symbol of sexiness and femininity and who would have thought that it would be possible to create a nail design using lace?! Well, whoever did, must have really been into nail designs because this is gorgeous and with the tutorial below, you will be able to create the exact same design on your nails in only a few minutes.
1-Start by applying a black nail polish in all of your nails except the ring finger.
2-Make sure the black nail polish is totally dried and then apply nail glue on your ring finger and carefully add a piece of black lace on it and gently press on it with any metallic stick or whatever you have access to.
3-After the lace is glued on your ring finger, cut the left overs of the lace with small scissors.
4-Add some small rhinestones in there to make your ring finger sparkle.
And that it is! A beautiful nail covered in lace. This is a very romantic nail design worth trying for special events such as Valentines day or anniversary day, or any other day you feel like spoiling yourself with a beautiful nail design that doesn’t require you to spend any money and that makes your nails look very feminine. If black is not your favourite colour and you don’t really like painting your nails in black, then feel free to create the same nail design but with different colour. Just make sure to add same colour lace because that would ruin the looks. In my opinion this nail design would look ideal in white for your wedding day. Try it now and share with us your final result. I am sure you will all going to love it as much as I do!
Romantic Lace Nail Tutorial

Black Manicure and Golden Stripes Tutorial

You can do so many different designs to meet any occasions with this wonderful and beautiful idea. Just have a look how good the black and gold go in so many different ways. The black itself is has dangerous sexy affect and the gold really does just bring it all together. You will be surprise with the ideas that you come up with. So with no time to waste I will tell you how to do it.
1. Start with making a outline around the nail and then feeling it in with the black nail polish. Let it dry and make any necessary clean ups or fix ups.
2. Now with the gold ribbon (don’t forget it is up to you how thick you want the ribbon) being to let your mind run wild with your ideas.
I would suggest to play around with this design until you feel comfortable with what you are trying to archive.
Black Manicure and Golden Stripes Tutorial

Coral and Hunter’s Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Green Hunter is a different shade of green that has gained a huge popularity lately and that is thanks to the fashion runways and beauty makeup designs that seen to have spread everywhere on the web. These two beautiful colours match so well together that can sparkle your eyes. In order to make this awesome tutorial you will need coral eyeshadow, hunter’s green and brown eyeshadow- as well as black pencil.
Start by carefully applying foundation over your eyelids by using a brush or your fingers, it doesn’t really matter. The use of foundation is to make your eyeshadow easier to apply and of course, make it last longer. Start by applying coral eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes such as indicated in the first picture. After doing so, add the hunter’s green eyeshadow until the end of your eyelid but don’t go too further up because that’s where you will apply a dark brown eyeshadow. Apply dark brown eyeshadow by the end of your eyelid and make sure to blend colours well with each other to make your eye makeup look as smooth as possible.
Apply a winged black eyeliner such as shown below and then add black pencil on your lower lashes as well. Black mascara or false lashes, depending on what you like most and that it is! This is a gorgeous look for all different eye colours. Try it now and you are going to love your new looks!
Coral and Hunter's Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Glamorous Brown Eyeshadow in only 4 Steps

Brown eyeshadows are a must have for every girl but sadly not all of use like to apply it and that is because it can be ‘too simple’, but of course that is because you probably are not familiar with this gorgeous eyeshadow tutorial that I am about to show you below.In order to create this look you will need: brown eyeshadow, Beige eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and gold eyeliner.
1-Start by applying foundation over your eyelids.
2- Apply the brown eyeshadow with the help of a small brush such as indicated in the second picture. Now here is the tricky part, you need to blend it quiet well so it doesn’t look horrible.
3- Apply the beige eyeshadow and make sure to blend it with the brown eyeshadow so it looks a natural ‘fading’ makeup.
4- Apply a fine winged black eyeliner and then at the end, add a double line by using a gold sparkly eyeliner. Do the same thing for the inner corner of your eyes. This way you make your smokey brown eyes sparkle. Add black mascara and that’s all actually. This is a super easy, yet glamorous look that can be done in few minutes and suits well for school, work, or partying. Stop worrying about your daily makeup, now you can follow this method daily and make yourself look fabulous.
Glamorous Brown Eyeshadow in only 4 Steps

Butterfly Nail Tutorial

Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures that makes everyone admire their beauty, colour and glamour while they fly away in the endless sky…and that’s what has inspired many nail art loved to create the arms of the butterfly into their nails. I absolutely love the idea, wish I could have thought it myself first but unfortunately this is not my original idea but you can find it easily on the web so whoever did it first, we are grateful!
This nail tutorial consist on beautiful purple and black butterflies that are going to make your nails look gorgeous. All you will need to create the exact same nails is a purple nail polish and a black manicure with a thick brush to paint. Start by applying a full coat of purple manicure over your nails, and then get ready your glitter purple manicure to apply on top if you like. In this picture below you can easily see the use of two manicures, one over the other but if you like to keep it simple, you can start painting the butterfly over the first coat of nail polish. Look at the tutorial below in order to create the best butterfly arms with the black manicure and once you are done with it, make sure the black manicure is dried before you add the white dots.
And that’s it! The result is stunning and it only takes a few minutes to create them. If you like, you can add small nail accessories to make your nails sparkle even more. Have fun creating them and let the butterfly inspire you!
Butterfly Nail Tutorial

Double Lighting Bolt Nail Tutorial

This is not the first nail tutorial I bring to you that is done with the help of tape but that is because tape can minimize the time you need to create any nail design and of course, costs nothing and you can use it to create all sort of nail designs.
In creating the exact same look as in the tutorial below you will need three nail polishes: purple, silver and dark green. This is an awesome look for all different of seasons and if you don’t have the colours shown below but you feel comfortable by matching other colours such as red and black or gold and green, the go ahead and play around with colours. Start by applying a full coat of silver nail polish in all of your nails and then after the silver nail polish is completely dried add two different pieces of tape such as indicated in the second and forth picture. This is a double lighting bold nail design that is totally different from what you have seen before and is going to make you fall in love with it.
If you like to keep your nails simple, you can create this look with beige and gold nail polish. This is one of the simplest nail designs you can possibly try. What are you waiting for? go get the tape and start creating this awesome design on your nails.
Double Lighting Bolt Nail Tutorial

Sparkly Grey & Black Eye Makeup

Black and Grey are two of my favourite eye makeup colours ever! But of course that is for special events because a makeup like this would be a bit heavy for day wear such as at school or work but this makeup idea is ideal for party’s, engagement and even weddings.
In case you have seen my previous articles, you probably have noticed that the winged black line in the end of each makeup idea or tutorial is a must and that is because the latest trends from the fashion and beauty world has shown and made this eye design the most popular for this year. In cause you haven’t tried it before, this is time for you to do so. It is very easy. All you will need is a black pencil, a brush, grey eyeshadow and glitter, lots of grey glitter. Start by lining your eye with a black pencil such as the picture shows. This is the same as applying a normal winged eyeliner but the difference stands on the double line over your eyelid. This is being done to create a deep and intense look on your eyes. After you create the line, with a clean brush add grey eyeshadow over your eyelid and once you do that, carefully add the grey glitter eyeshadow. You can either apply glitter eyeshadow or liquid. If you don’t want to ruin your dress or the rest of the face then apply liquid sparkles.
I like to do my eye makeup first before applying cream powder so in case the glitter spreads over my face I can easily clean it. This beautiful eye makeup can be perfectly matched with a beige lipstick for a simpler look or even a red one if you would like to go for a heavier look.
Sparkly Grey & Black Eye Makeup

Black Smokey Eyeshadow and Pink Lipstick

This has everything you want in a stylish, dramatic, cold hearted appeal with that glamour’s gloss pink lipstick.
1. with a brush apply the black to the eye lid and keeping in mind to start with a outline and then fill in.
2. Grab the dark color pencil and being to draw a thick black line just above the eye lashes and going outside the corner of the eye.
3. Just inside the bottom of the eye being to apply the silver glitter and follow the top of the eyelash until just outside the corner of the eye.
After we have finished this beautiful stylish eye design we will being to apply the pink and just like the eye lid we will start with a outline of the lip and fill in.
Black Smokey Eyeshadow and Pink Lipstick

How to Make Lovely Purple Nails

This is a super easy way on making lovely purple nail design in only a few minutes without trying hard. Usually, nail designs we see on the web or beauty saloons, really take time to create-but not this one. Purple is a colour that can be applied onto your nails no matter the season but the good thing is that if you don’t have any purple nail polish, then you can create the same look with different colours but purple is highly recommended if you want the exact same nails as shown below. In making this nail design you will need three different shades of purple nails polishes (start from the lightest to the darkest one such as shown below) and a sponge.
Apply a white nail polish over your nails and then after that is totally dried take the sponge and carefully add three layers of purple nail polish such as indicated below. It will probably get a little bit messy around your nail but nothing to worry; that can be taken off gradually when you wash your hands or use polish removed to clean the skin off the nail polish. You can either add a top coat or transparent gel , or if you don’t have any, simply let your nails dry and you are ready to rock the new stylish purple design over your nails. This is a great idea that has been used for long now but in case you never heard of it before, the picture below shall help you achieve the best look.
How to Make Lovely Purple Nails

Highlight Your Nails

Girls now is time to teach you one very easy but also tricky nail design.
In this tutorial you will see how to highlight your nails.
So star with painting your nails with your favorite polish .
Then place two pieces of scotch tape   such as at the second picture . Leave some space between the two pieces of tape .
Next step is to highlight . Take off the scotch tape!
There you are with perfect new manicure .

highlight- nails

Nail Art With Band-aid

This is one different technique for creating nail art.
In this tutorial you ‘ll see simple and easy way for perfect manicure.
Everything you need is band-aid .
First as usual apply base coat, then nail polish . You can apply the same colors as in this tutorial , or you can choose others.
White for the polish to dry and place the band-aid over your nails. Apply another polish over the band aid .
When you remove it you’ll see a brand new nail design .

Glitter Polish

Today I’ve decade to show you how to DIY glitter polish .
The best of all in this tutorial is that you can do it in any color you want .
You will need three kinds of sparkle . When you choose the color of your sparkles you can also use and pigmented loose-powder eye shadow in the same color . The other way is to buy pigment powder .
Next step is to choose bottle of top coat. Don’t use a quick drying top coat.
Roll a post it into a cone shape and tape the side to create your funnel.
I used ¼ teaspoon of the chunky glitter, 1/8 teaspoon of the fine glitter and a pinch of the gold pigment powder . If you like you can always add more sparkles , it depends on the size of your bottle.
Shake evrything up.

Easy Updo Using a Bandana

At the first sight this tutorial might seem quite complicated, because there are so many images, however it is actually pretty quick and easy – all the pictures have been made to make it clearer to the readers. In order to get this awesome up do, you will need a bandana and a curling iron.
Tease your hair and make a ponytail, leaving a strand aside, as shown on the picture. Then use the curling iron to curl it and take some more hair from the ponytail if necessary. Then put the bandana around your head and play with the variety of styles, which you can do.
You can choose how to wear the rest of the hair or the bandana itself – it is all up to you.

Make Your Eyes Pop

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create eye brightening makeup. It is very simple and easy to do and it looks amazing. Just follow the steps bellow.
  1. First apply a white eyeliner to the top of the upper lash line.
  2. Also apply this eyeliner to the inner corner and the inner two thirds of the bottom lash line.
  3. Then apply a soft golden shadow to the crease.
  4. Apply a shimmery white shadow over where you placed the white liner.
  5. After that apply the same shimmery white shadow to the brow bone.
  6. Put your favorite mascara.
DIY Eye Brightening Makeup

Makeup Just With Pencil

So simple but so effective make up !
To create this look you will need just pencil.
The trick is to start with applying  three lines over your eyelid such as at the 1st picture. Then across them apply other three lines. See the second picture below.
Next step is to line up your eyelid from corner to corner . And blend everything up !
See how quick and easy it is .


mercredi 19 février 2014

Reddish Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial

A beautiful combination of red and brown like nothing you have seen before! I used red eye shadow for the first time a few years ago and i fell in love with this colour so much, I continue applying it even today! I know that for some red is a very daring colour, but if matched well can really make the difference.
Start by applying the base over your eyelids and straight away apply some tape on your lower lashes in order to avoid eyeshadow spread on your face. Apply white shimmery eyeshadow all over your eyelid but focus more on the inner corner of your eyes. Apply red eyeshadow and gently blend it will such as indicated in the second picture. Apply the reddish brown eyeshadow by the end of your eyelid such as shown below. Apply black winged eyeliner, black pencil and mascara and you are done!
This is a beautiful eye makeup for all different eye colours but green eyes can really look intense and gorgeous! It is best matched with a nude lipstick but any other colour you like will be just fine. Have fun creating it and make your eyes pop in only a few minutes!
Reddish Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial

Blue Oceanic Shimmer Eye Makeup Tutorial

Blue oceanic shimmery eyeshadow is the best colour for your eyes, it makes them look bigger and glamorous. This is a gorgeous idea for all special/evening events that only takes a few minutes to create. All you need to get started is a blue shimmery eyeshadow black pencil and mascara.
Start by applying a bold black eyeliner with the help of a black pencil and carefully clean the are around if needed. Blend the black pencil well with a brush and then apply blue shimmery eyeshadow such as indicated in the third picture. Blend it well with a brush and then apply black pencil on your lower lashes, black mascara and you are done! This is a beautiful eyeshadow but you need to find the right lipstick to match it and the best colour is beige/nude. Note: Blue shimmery eyeshadow matches well with brown or gold. Have fun creating this eye-catching makeup that I am sure you all are going to love.
Blue Oceanic Shimmer Eye Makeup Tutorial

Navy Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

Navy blue is a very dark shade of blue and today we are going to learn how to apply it in a gorgeous way that will make your eyes sparkle! Start by applying foundation over your eyelids and then apply black eyeshadow by the end of your eyelids. Apply navy blue eyeshadow and gently blend it well with a brush. The trick that makes this eyeshadow so beautiful and unique is the white pencil that is being applied. How to do it? start by adding a little bit of white shimmery eyeshadow by the inner corner of your eyes and slowly blend it. With a white pencil, line your lower lashes such as shown below. Now add a winged line of white pencil by the end of your eyelid (you can either do it suing white pencil or white liquid eyeliner).
Apply false lashes or simply black mascara and you are done! This is a gorgeous look for nights-out and special events. Matches with all different eye colours and looks fabulous.
Navy Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

mardi 18 février 2014

Elsa’s Textured French Braid -Video

We have all seen the movie Frozen and one character in particular with which I have fallen in love the mostly is Elsa. I am sure most of you feel the same about this. When I first watched the trailer of this movie, I knew that I had to watch it because it was so touching and interesting that I simply couldn’t wait for it to appear in the cinema. Although frozen is one of the most popular movies right now, I wanted to share with you all a simple amazing tutorial where it is explained step by step how to create the Elsa’s texture French braid.
Her lovely hairstyle grabbed my attention from the start, and that’s why I think most of you will find it interesting. Simply follow the tutorial below and I am sure you are going to fall in love with this hairstyle as much as I do.
maxresdefault (1)

Blue Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes Tutorial

Ladies with brown eyes, this tutorial is for you and for your loved ones that have brown eyes so please, take a minute and have a look because you are going to love it, I promise! Blue is not the most popular colours when it comes to eye shadows but that will change because this blue eye shadow is beautiful, different and easy to make. You will need (white, medium and dark), blue pencil, black eyeliner and mascara. Start by applying foundation over your eyelids such as indicated in the first picture. Get your white shimmery eye shadow and apply a little bit of it on the inner corner of your eyes. Apply the dark blue eye shadow by the end of your eyelid such as shown in the second picture. When applying the dark blue eye shadow, make sure to blend it well such as indicated.
Take the medium blue eye shadow and apply it on the inner corner of your eyes close to the white eye shadow you previously applied. Blend the colours with each other and then line your lower lashes with blue pencil. Apply black mascara and that’s it! Very easy and fabulous
Blue Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes Tutorial

Night Vision Double-liner Eye Makeup Tutorial

Only in a few steps you will archive the modern retro look you have been searching for. It is unique design, that use’s this seasons favourite colour blue and everyone’s favourites colour black and the thin eye lashes just give it the complete glow for your evening out.
1. Apply the foundation to the space between the eyebrow and the edge of the eyelid.
2. With the black pencil draw a light thick line of black on top of the eyelid and then apply to the eye line.
3. Lightly apply the black over the line that you did in step 2 and with the pencil again apply the black above the eyelashes going to the outside corner.
4. With a brush apply the blue over the black eyeliner ( top and bottom) both lines will finish outside the eye.
Make sure you finish it with doing the eyelashes nice and thin. This will go well with any bright and retro clothes. So go out and enjoy it

Black and Shimmery Grey Night-out Makeup Tutorial

This truly is only for the biggest events in your life like your wedding friends wedding, these type of events. You can tell already how eye catching this is and amazing vibe it brings out.
1. Start with a thin brush, apply the black from corner to corner (eyelid) and proceed half way around the eyelid.
2. Starting thick in corner and then began to add it very lightly. Finishing half way on the eyelid.
3. Now with the remaining empty space apply the silver remembering just to lightly brush it in with the black to give it that blend affect.
4. Apply the eyeliner (top and bottom) very thickly to give it that final beautiful dark effect.
Keep in mind to add the mascara thickly to bring it all together for that final stand out effect.
Black and Shimmery Grey Night-out Makeup Tutorial

Diagonal Pink and White Nail Art Tutorial

Nail designs come in all different colours and patterns but this beautiful delicate design is perfect for everyone that wants a touch of spring on their nails. If you love floral patters and girly colours such as pink and white, then make your nails ready for a fabulous design! 1. Start by painting your nails with the base colour (pink in this case), topcoat and let it dry. After doing so, apply striping tape diagonally
2. Tape off two opposite triangles
3. Stamp over the uncovered part
4. Remove the tape off your nails
5. With a white nails polish (Jacava Mont Blanc) paint the opposite triangles
6. Remove the striping tape and let the design dry for a few minutes
7. Re-apply new pieces of striping tape
8. Cut off the excessive striping tape
9. Apply top coat and that’s it! Beautiful and fabulous
Diagonal Pink and White Nail Art Tutorial

How to Apply Green Eyeshadow Perfectly: Makeup Tutorial

This is an unique and beautiful design it has everything that you want the darkness in the brightness that just bring your eyes out into the public life it really will love doing this design.
1. Make sure that you have cleaned your eyes probably and apply the foundation around the eyelid.
2. Apply thick black line above the eyelashes and began to apply the green around the eyelid making sure you do it carefully.
3. With the black again but using a brush apply a little bit into the top corner of the eye to give it that shadow effect.
4. Using a brush and a line colour apply to the bottom of the eyelid from corner to corner and finish it with a black eyeliner. this look is a very confident look at you enjoy when you get confident you can begin to do other things and other colours
How to Apply Green Eyeshadow Perfectly: Makeup Tutorial

Hairstyle Tutorial: French Fishtail Braid Chignon

This is an interesting French fishtail braid chignon that can be wore both day or night, for special events or at work. It takes only a few minutes to make and looks gorgeous! Start by gently brushing your hair and then divide a short part on the right side and begin braiding your hair such as shown in the tutorial below. Continue braiding until the braid reach your left ear and then continue braiding it as you would normally do on the left side and then secure it with an elastic band in the end. Twist the braid around into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. And you are done!
You can combine this hairstyle with a pair of classy/elegant earrings for special events or a small pair for work/dating ect. It helps keep the hair off your face and looks gorgeous. Enough with the same old boring hairstyles that have nothing appealing in them. Now you an create this awesome hairstyle in a very short amount of time. Have fun doing it and let us know your final result!
Hairstyle Tutorial: French Fishtail Braid Chignon

Hot Red Nail Design Tutorial

The passion colour of red has inspired us into creating this gorgeous and unique nail design that requires no special skills or extra effort to create it. All you need is a simple red, black, gold, and sparkly beige nail polish, clear coat and that’s it. Start by applying red nail polish in all of your nails and let it dry for a few minutes. After the nail polish is totally dry, start by drawing a diagonal line with the sparkly beige nail polish (or any other manicure that looks similar to this one). Apply another diagonal line on the other side of your nail but this time with a black nail polish (create the ‘X’ shown in the picture).
Get your golden nail polish and apply a fine line very close to the black one you just apply but this time don’t go all way through but just half of it. Apply clear coat and you are done! This is perfect for Christmas, new years, clubbing, special events or simply for a change of looks. Matches with different colour outfits and makes your nails look like they have been painted by a pro. Have fun creating this easy, yet gorgeous nail design! Perfect for me, and you.
Hot Red Nail Design Tutorial

How to Apply Gold and Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

When it comes to matching two colours together to apply on your eyes, we have rarely seen before gold and purple together, but that’s what makes this makeup tutorial so unique. This is a glamorous, yet easy to follow tutorial that shall help you all achieve the best look for special events. Start by applying foundation over your eyelids and then with a brown pencil apply a fine line by the end of your eyelids, up to the inner corner such as indicated below. This way the golden eye makeup will have a beautiful shadow that will make the whole makeup look deeper and intense. With a medium size brush smudge the brown line your previously applying and then apply purple eye shad0w on top of the brown pencil.
Add a very light golden eye shadow all over your eyelids and then apply a second one with golden glitter eye shadow. With a purple pencil or liquid eyeliner/ eye shadow apply a very thick line on the lower lashes such as indicated below. Add black eyeliner, black mascara and you are done!
How to Apply Gold and Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial