dimanche 16 février 2014

Coral Ombre Lipstick

Ombre lipstick is a trend that has been around for a while now and that is because this beautiful lipstick design simply is amazing and suits to everyone. Actually many women think that is takes very good skills to create this style but the truth is that you only need the right tips and of course some different lipstick colors such as shown below. You will need a small collection of the same lipstick line but starting from the lightest one until the darkest. How to apply it? Simply start from the light color lipstick on the mid lip area and then make it darker as you go by.
Apply light yellow or white on the top and bottom lip with a small brush and then using the medium color afterwards. Make sure you blend the colors good with each other. That’s where the ombre lipstick trend stands; on blending good the colors. After doing so; you can either use a pencil with the same color as your lipstick or simply apply the lipstick color directly. And that’s it. That’s how ombre lipstick color is being done. Very simple and stylish. You can apply different eye shadow with this makeup but it is suggestible you keep your eyeshadow simple and plain for a better look.

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