mardi 18 février 2014

Night Vision Double-liner Eye Makeup Tutorial

Only in a few steps you will archive the modern retro look you have been searching for. It is unique design, that use’s this seasons favourite colour blue and everyone’s favourites colour black and the thin eye lashes just give it the complete glow for your evening out.
1. Apply the foundation to the space between the eyebrow and the edge of the eyelid.
2. With the black pencil draw a light thick line of black on top of the eyelid and then apply to the eye line.
3. Lightly apply the black over the line that you did in step 2 and with the pencil again apply the black above the eyelashes going to the outside corner.
4. With a brush apply the blue over the black eyeliner ( top and bottom) both lines will finish outside the eye.
Make sure you finish it with doing the eyelashes nice and thin. This will go well with any bright and retro clothes. So go out and enjoy it

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