mercredi 12 février 2014

Easy DIY Nail Art Stickers

This a very different and unique design that will only need a few measurements of the finger nail, pair of scissors, nail glue and colorful design paper. It is very easy to create and you can take it off without the need of acetone. When using nail art stickers, it is recommended not to keep your hands in water for too long just in case the stickers fell off. Have a look at the beautiful tutorial below and I am sure you are all going to find this nail tutorial super easy to create:
1. After taking the measurements and cutting out the finger nail shapes (keep in mind that it really depends on how long you want it to stick out)
2. Apply the glue on the finger nail and carefully apply the cut out covering the bottom to the top of the nail.
With this design it will go very well with retro fashion section and with bright clothes or dress with straps, poke a dots designs etc.
Easy DIY Nail Art Stickers

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