mercredi 30 avril 2014

How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller-13 Steps

lip-tutorialsDo you have thin lips and you want them to look fuller? Of course, many people around the world go as far us undertaking surgery but I’d say hell no! The technique shown above in 13 step will help you get your lips moisturised, as well as make them look fuller. All you need to know about the above tutorial is  that when using the tooth brush to scrub your lips with moisturizer, make sure you use a clean tooth brush! Simply follow the above tutorial and you will definitely see the difference within the minute!

Quick Beautiful Hijab Tutorial

Today’s tutorial requires a viscose hijab material, which is so easy to fold and volumize according to you style and choice.
As usual you place it on your head with a short and long side, you pin it under your chin and bring the shorter side on your head to get volume . In this tutorial you don’t need to create folds, the scarf material help getting them whitout any effort, you pin your scarf as shown below on top to secure the scarf and on your right side and voilà!


Cute Hijab Tutorial Idea

Cute Hijab Tutorial Idea
A new season has come and we all want to feel the change, it’s time to adopt some new hijab looks especially cute and easy ones for spring and summer.
Today I’m sharing with you this gorgeous and cute hijab tutorial for your daily wear, it’s actually done with an infinity scarf but you can make it with any scarf you have as there’s always tips and tricks to make things done.
Take a maxi scarf and put it on your head with equal sides, you bring the sides to your neck and pin it there as you can see in the tutorial below, add two pins to the sides and there you are.
I hope you enjoy it, if you have any questions about it, feel free to comment below.

How to Wear Hijab With Necklace

UntitledWear your hijab with style by adding a beautiful necklace on it for special occasions or when attending a wedding. Although it doesn’t require much effort to create this hijab tutorial, I thought to share it with you all, so even you can achieve it and wear it with pride like I do. In only seven easy steps you can create this hijab and look fabulous.

Easy 2 Pins Hijab Tutorial

What I love about this look is that it’s very secured even though with only 2 pins and looks very loose and flowing a the same time. It’s suitable for casual styles, even classy ones, it’s also a matter of colors, this beige one would suit a classy outfit or work/office style.  You can choose any scarf you like from your hijabs collection and get this beautiful look done !
The tutorial below will help you get this look in less than 2 minutes, Enjoy!

lundi 28 avril 2014

Quick Hijab Tutorial For Glasses

Wearing your hijab with glasses requires some patience and some technique to keep comfortable the wole day with your glasses as wearing glasses with hijab can sometimes be painful, the glasses  keep squashed between the back of the ear and the head for so long especially when wearing a tight hijab style..
This is why we must adopt the easiest and comfortable hijab style for our glasses.
Below is the most comfortable style since no pin is required and the hijab isn’t tight at all
You will need a head scarf + an underscarf + your glasses.
The demonstration shows perfectly the step by step tutorial. Enjoy
Quick Hijab Tutorial For Glasses


Hijab Style to Wear With Glasses



For some people glasses are a necessity, while others wear it occasionally when reading books or working on the Internet. No matter why you wear glasses, if you wear hijab, then you probably know that matching them together is not that easy. The above tutorial is going to help you match your glasses and hijab together like nothing you have seen before. This hijab style is very feminine and it can  be achieved in only 14 steps.

dimanche 27 avril 2014

Full chest coverage

We all want to wear a stylish yet modest hijab, We would love to look beautiful in the style that most suits us but keep it well covered at the same time, according to the right way of wearing the hijab which is covering every part of the hair, neck and chest.
We know that when we try to style up our hijab or create folds on our hijab we lost half of the hijab length, because folds requires a maxi scarf , therefore no more fabric for covering our chest. But there is 100 and one way of doing both, below is a tutorial of how to wear hijab with a full chest coverage along with folds, this way you can generously apply your style and keep your chest well covered.

You will need an underscarf (optional), a maxi scarf, maximum 3 pins, one to fix the scarf Under your chin, one to fix the short side of the scarf on your head (for volume) and the last one to fix the long side of the scarf and the folds that you are going to create.
Hijab Tutorial - Full chest coverage

Full Coverage Hijab Tutorial

I stumbled upon this hijab tutorial recently and I find it modest and practical for summer days as it’s not too tight at the neck area, it’s getting hot and will be in few months so this hijab tutorial is perfect for this coming season.
So you will need an underscarf, a maxi hijab and one pin
Start by fixing the ends of the scarf behind your neck to assure the chest coverage, then take one side of the hijab and wrap it around your head, take the other side and wrap it too to add more folds and volume, pin your scarf to secure it and voila :)


The Beauty Of White Hijab

With the new trends of colorful, printed and striped hijabs, the white hijab has been completely forgotten. While it is actually the most easy color to match with every color you own in your closet.
White hijabs can be worn for daily, classy and special occasions, They suit perfectly white abayas with golden touches, they suit blazers and they suit any casual outfit.
We can’t mention colors to wear with your white hijab as all colors match white, it’s just like black or brown.
Check these pictures to see how these beautiful hijabies have worn their white hijabs

large (2)


The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab

The Beauty Of White Hijab
The Beauty Of White Hijab

samedi 26 avril 2014

5 Totally Awesome Seating Ideas for Your Dining Room

Do you want to give a makeover to your dining room? For that the best would be changing the seating. So, here you go for some beautiful dining room seating ideas:
1. A Wonderful Mix of Benches and Chairs
2. Swivel Chairs for a Contemporary Look
3. Log Chairs and Benches for a Rustic Flavor
4. Wire Net Chairs for an Industrial Touch
5. Woven Wicker Seating for a Coastal Feel

Spring Look

This hijab tutorial is different from any hijab tutorial we even shared with you, it’s easy to make and suitable for a spring look, you place your hijab on  your head with a shor and long side, tight the hijab in the back as you can see below, bring the long side i the ront of your hijab as illustrated below, tight it with the short side and bring it again over your head, pin the first side, then the other one to cover your neck, you will get more fabric if your hijab is long so try to pin it somewhere tp get the total look done!

How to Wear Two Toned Hijabs -Step by Step Guide

c7b8eb346bfeeed73a2dc1ed27f05875Today we are going to show you how to wear a two toned hijab. Usually we get confused when seeing a two toned scarf in the shop, should you buy it or not? If you don’t know how to do wear it is hard to buy it but with the help of this tutorial you are going to learn how to wear any kind of two toned hijabs in only a few easy steps. You can combine different two toned scarf with your outfit. Simply follow the awesome picture above and let us know what you think of this beautiful hijab tutorial because myself, I am loving it! Have fun doing it and share it with your Muslim sisters for them to learn this tutorial as well.

Gorgeous Hijab Tutorial For This Season

I love how loose and flowing this hijab style looks like, it’s easy and require only few pins, you can make it as flowing as you like and cover your chest as you please, start by placing the hijab on your headn as usual with a long and short side, brig the short side in a way to cover your neck and pin it at the other end, you are now left with a long side that you will bring all over your head when you’re pleased with the folds on your chest area and the loose look pin it to secure it and voila :D
large (1)

Hana Tajima Inspired Hijab Tutorial

Hana Tajima Hijab style is one of the most elegant styles, we’ve seen many inspired looks that fashion bloggers have done, this is one of them that I would like to share with you, it’s so cute and looks exactly like Hana Tajima’s style, but this one is made with a viscose hijab, you can make it with satin or pashmina too.

Trendy Moms Hijab Styles

Being a mom is a dream come true for many women, babies and kids are the happiness of your home, it’s true that at times the responsabilities and obligations are tiring and we’re dying for just a few hours of rest and sleep, but when you are a careful lady and being elegant is so important for you, you will surely find time to educate your kids and keep yourself in style.
I know many friends who have kids with treated outfits and combinations.
Who says style has to go out the door once you become a mom? It’s a matter of will and passion for fashion.
Check these cute stylish moms with their kids and pick up more inspirations

Hijab Tutorial : Full Chest Coverage

Most Hijab Tutorials are gorgeous but only few of them really show how to cover yourself properly. Although you might like how they look in the picture, trying it yourself and going out with it is a totally different thing. The above tutorial shows you how to wear your hijab in a fabulous and proper way. This hijab shows you how to cover your chest and hair at the same time. It is perfect for daily wear and special occasions. Simply follow the above tutorial and see how awesome it looks.

Peachy Bridal Hijabs

Wedding day is the most special day of someone’s life, and for the bride this day gets even more special when choosing her bridal dress. In different countries, the colour of the bridal dresses changes. For example in the majority part of the world the bridal dresses are white ( because white is a symbol of happiness, purity and prosperity). But in India for example, the bridal dresses are usually red.
Peach is a very warm and gorgeous colour that has become very popular worldwide and below I will show you some inspiration pictures of bridal hijabis that have wore this gorgeous colour on their wedding day.
The decorated peachy bridal hijab and dresses are my favourite of all, that’s why my collection below shows how to wear a peachy bridal hijab and look fabulous. If you are soon about to get married and are looking for some different and unique bridal dresses and colours then consider one of these styles below: