dimanche 1 décembre 2013

Make Your Hair Look Shorter Without Cutting Them-Picture Tutorial

Are you looking for a change of looks but too afraid to actually cut your hair because you might think short hair wont suit to your face shape? well, it happens to everyone. When I cut my hair short few years ago, I was terrified and worried if the short hair would suit me or not (and luckily it did) but I think it is way too much of a risk to cut your hair short without knowing the final result. Also for summer short hair are easier to maintain and look better with dresses but I wont recommend you cut your hair unless you really think good about it. I have a 30 days rule. Which means, if you want something but you are not sure if its right or not, or maybe not sure how much you want that something -then wait 30 days. After 30 days passes, re-analyse your thinking and if you still want to cut your hair for example, then go and cut it, but don’t do it unless you really think about.
Many times I would promise to myself that I would not cut my hair anymore and that I would let them grow very long, but once six month passed I was back at the hairdresser ready to cut my hair, and this went on for years until i made the decision to be patience and wait for more than a year without cutting my hair. Maybe you want a different look for a wedding, party, school event-whatever the reason might be, this picture tutorial below helps you change your looks into short hair within 10 minutes. Simply follow the picture tutorial below and you will see how easy and gorgeous it will look.
Make Your Hair Look Shorter Without Cutting Them-Picture Tutorial

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