mardi 24 décembre 2013

The Christmas Lips Step-by-step Tutorial

The Christmas lipstick refers to the hot red that has been a huge trend for months now, and I have recently bought an intense one myself from L’Oreal Paris and I am loving it! But unfortunately I only wore it once and didn’t liked how I applied it; the color is really awesome, just it look awful on my lips and after looking the picture tutorial below, I know now why! When applying a red lipstick you should for sure have a red lipstick pencil to draw the outer line also. And that’s what I did! I bought a red lipstick pencil and drew a fine line on my lips. I know it can be tempting to draw the line but further than your real line so your lips look bigger but don’t do it; it will look fake and ugly -so keep the line next to your real lips line.
After drawing the line, get your lipstick and carefully start filling in; do so and then take a small brush to blend the lipstick well so it looks natural and well blended. And there you have it! Beautiful red lipstick in only 8 simple steps. It is so easy that now I wear my red lipstick daily and loving it. Also wanted to give some tips on the eyeshadow as for some it is hard to apply the right eyeshadow. Keep it simple with black eyeliner for daily wear or go for smokey eye for evenings. Depends on the look you want to create. Have fun and keep your lips fashionable.
The Christmas Lips Step-by-step Tutorial

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