jeudi 26 décembre 2013

How To Wear Neck Scarves With Hijab

The scarf is a timeless accessory, present in many cultures and regions. If it can complete a proper utility function (including protection from the sun, or even knotted like a scarf to protect the throat), the scarf is not the less indispensable fashion accessory.
The models are varied, and can play with colors and shapes: geometrical or rather psychedelic, scarves and their patterns bring a personal touch to classic and elegant outfits, which can and do vary over headscarves in sequence, but not the same!
If the choice of colors and patterns of the scarf is large, it is also the case when it comes to deciding how to wear it. Around the neck, like a scarf, carefully folded or simply tied around the chest, the scarf is versatile and can complement each holding a different way.
This kind of scarves is recommanded when we wear a hijab style without covering our chest, so we can go for a neck scarf to make it more modest covering the chest and saving the same hijab tutorial.
For colors, When your neck scarf has patterns, the color of your hijab should be plain, and better if it is matched to your top,
A blue top and a blue Hijab separated with a floral pink neck scarf.
Colors and designs are various and it’s up to your wardrobe to choose how to mix them with your outfit, anyway Enjoy these pictures to have an idea of styles and colors you can adopt with your hijabs.
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