jeudi 26 décembre 2013

Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

The majority of world’s population has brown eyes, that’s why many makeup artist focus more on make up tutorials for brown eyes. Of course that doesn’t mean that if you have blue eyes you cannot apply these colors but to be honest, you should always check which eye shadow matches best with your eyes-it may not sound important but it can really make the difference.
The number one mistake women make is combining the color of the outfit with your eyes. I know, we all do this sometimes but I am not talking when you wear black or brown eye shadow when wearing a dark dress, I am talking how women wear a blue dress and combine it with blue eye shadow. That’s just too much to look at. If you wondering which eye shadow matches best your brown eyes then look at these pics below:
Dark Blue: Blue eye shadow is perfect for evening events, and if you have brown eyes even better . Go for a really dark color such as the one in the picture below. You could easily combine these eye shadow with black dress.
Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes
Grey: I have always used grey eye shadow and I love it. I first tried it years ago and when i saw how good it looked with my brown eyes I went and bought all different shades of grey.
Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes
Beige and Black: for a fresh day look apply black eye shadow and use beige cover any flaws.
Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes
Purple: there is something about purple that I adore. It is perfect not only for day wear but special occasions, parties, new year. Just keep in mind that when applying colors such blue or purple, it is better to apply more than two shades of your chosen color.
Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

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