mercredi 25 décembre 2013

Elegant Grey Sparkly Eye makeup

Looking and feeling elegant is much more than wearing a fancy dress or doing the right makeup-it is about self esteem and realizing that you are beautiful in your own way.
Not every girl is a fan of makeup, but every girl likes to look and feel special, and today my article is for those girls that don’t mind showing their beauty with confidence.
No matter what the event is about, as long as it is something big that requires you to dress in an elegant way, then applying a classy eye makeup is probably the best choice. But not everyone can afford going tot he beauty saloon and spending money on a makeup you can create by yourself at the comfort of your house. What I hate about beauty saloon is not only wasting money but also the time to get there, and the waiting time until you are done, when home you can achieve the same result for half the time and zero money.
In order to create this gorgeous eye makeup you will need black eyeshadow or black pencil, black eyeliner and grey sparkly eyeshadow such as shown in the tutorial below.
Start by applying foundation all over your eyelid and then with a black pencil or black eyeshadow and a thick brush, apply a fine line such as shown in the first picture. With a small brush smudge the line in order to create a smooth look such as shown in the second picture.
Now is time toad the sparkling grey eyeshadow such as shown in the third picture. Blend the colours well with each other and then add the winged black eyeliner such as indicated (if you have no idea how a beautiful winged black eyeliner, please have a look at my previous articles).
And there you have it! Super easy and it only takes a few minutes to create.
Elegant Grey Sparkly Eye makeup
Elegant Grey Sparkly Eye makeup

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