mardi 24 décembre 2013

Hijab, Dresses and Runways

Runways are the top of the newest clothing collections all around the world. Whenever designers launch new collections, they show it off to the media and guests that sit there enjoying the look of the stylish dresses.
However, although many people think that Muslim women’s clothes have nothing to do with fashion, they are wrong. Everyday more, new and enthusiastic designers focus their attention on this particular Fashion that not many are aware of.
The Muslim women’s runways are fun, entertaining and full of new ideas. When you go to the shop to buy a dress, you don’t know the longest hours someone ‘the designer’ has spent into creating it; you don’t know the idea behind it-you simply wear it by thinking ‘just a dress’, it is more than a dress.
Although the Hijab is all about modesty and keeping yourself covered, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t cover yourself with style. Not only these dresses are fabulous for all different events (attending a wedding, women’s party, engagement ect. ) but also they are unique and stylish.
They are the latest fashion call from designers around the world and today I have put some of the best pictures together for you all to get inspired of the current Hijab, Dresses and Runways!

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