mercredi 25 décembre 2013

Sequin Hijab Dresses -Styles and Ideas

Beautiful sparkly dresses are the number one choice for many women when attending a special event-not only the make you glow, but they hold elegance and class and make you feel like a princess.
Although some of you might find sparkly dresses ‘over the top’ but if you wear them right and match your hijab with it, you can come out with a great looking sequin outfit.
A great way to match your sequin dress is by wearing a simple-same colour hijab such as shown in the first picture below (as well as the purple dress picture).
Neutral colours such as beige, black or white give you more opportunity to mix match colours with hijab such as shown in the second picture where you can either wear it with pink hijab or beige one.
Look glamorous with sequin dresses no matter the event-there’s nothing like a beautiful dress to sparkle your evening. Have a look at this beautiful girls and their sequin hijab combinations to get inspired and fall in love with this beautiful trend.
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