jeudi 26 décembre 2013

How to Apply a Beautiful Eyeliner-Picture Tutorials

The first use of eyeliner dates back in the old Egypt-and since then it has gained a huge popularity. Nearly every woman in the world has tried it at least once, while most of us love wearing it daily because it makes our eyes pop! Although eyeliner is an amazing tool to make your face look youthful and bright some women avoid wearing it because simply don’t know how to apply it. There are different ways you can apply eyeliner; However I have choose the best and simpler ways to share with you all. First of all choose what kind of eyeliner you find better you use such as pencils, gel, liquid eyeliner and so on. If you are new into this, it is better to start by using a mineral eyeshadow applied with an eyeliner brush. This way you will have the maximum control as well fixing the mistakes before the liquid gets dry. Choose the right color: Black eyeliner is the most popular one but that’s not for everyone. Many women choose eyeliner in all different colors-it’s all about personal choice. Different Type of Eyeliner: The classy cat eye – it is perfect for young women. It will give you a fresh and youthful look. Thick eyeliner: it is awesome for daily wear. It will open up your eyes yet look simple and beautiful. You can apply eyeshadow as well when using the a thick eyeliner. Bold eyeliner : this dramatic look is perfect for evenings or for all girls that love the dramatic look. There are way more different types and ways to apply a good eyeliner, but the picture tutorials below make this easier for you, enjoy and draw a perfect eyeliner.
How to Apply Perfect Lipstick |Picture Tutorials
How to Apply Perfect Lipstick |Picture Tutorials

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