dimanche 23 février 2014

Sparkly Grey & Black Eye Makeup

Black and Grey are two of my favourite eye makeup colours ever! But of course that is for special events because a makeup like this would be a bit heavy for day wear such as at school or work but this makeup idea is ideal for party’s, engagement and even weddings.
In case you have seen my previous articles, you probably have noticed that the winged black line in the end of each makeup idea or tutorial is a must and that is because the latest trends from the fashion and beauty world has shown and made this eye design the most popular for this year. In cause you haven’t tried it before, this is time for you to do so. It is very easy. All you will need is a black pencil, a brush, grey eyeshadow and glitter, lots of grey glitter. Start by lining your eye with a black pencil such as the picture shows. This is the same as applying a normal winged eyeliner but the difference stands on the double line over your eyelid. This is being done to create a deep and intense look on your eyes. After you create the line, with a clean brush add grey eyeshadow over your eyelid and once you do that, carefully add the grey glitter eyeshadow. You can either apply glitter eyeshadow or liquid. If you don’t want to ruin your dress or the rest of the face then apply liquid sparkles.
I like to do my eye makeup first before applying cream powder so in case the glitter spreads over my face I can easily clean it. This beautiful eye makeup can be perfectly matched with a beige lipstick for a simpler look or even a red one if you would like to go for a heavier look.
Sparkly Grey & Black Eye Makeup

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