dimanche 23 février 2014

Double Twisted Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

This is a fun and easy twisted bun to do for school, work, or you can even match it with an elegant dress for your special event. Wrap your hair into a ponytail such as indicated in the first picture and then separate the ponytail into two parts. After you do that, add some hairspray on your ponytail to help the twist we going to do latest stay in place. Now get one part of the ponytail and flip it around the other part such as indicated in the forth picture. Once you have rich the end, secure it with an elastic band but I would suggest you still hold the end of the twisted ponytail with one of your hands because it will likely twist around and ruin the work.
Start twisting it around in the shape of a bun and once you have done that, secure the end with bobby pins. As you can see, this hairstyle needs some really long hair to be create and that is because you are going to do a lot of flips and twists which can not be done if you have medium hair. I have just cut mine short lately so this hairstyle is out of reach for me but I thought you might like it and why not, show it a fried, sister or family member that has long hair and would like to try this hairstyle. It is easier than it looks. For example if you would look at the final result only, you would probably think that this hairstyle takes a hard work to create but after seeing the step by step guide you can realise how easy it is and how little time it takes. Try it now for an awesome look.
Double Twisted Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

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