dimanche 23 février 2014

Romantic Lace Nail Tutorial

Lace has always being a symbol of sexiness and femininity and who would have thought that it would be possible to create a nail design using lace?! Well, whoever did, must have really been into nail designs because this is gorgeous and with the tutorial below, you will be able to create the exact same design on your nails in only a few minutes.
1-Start by applying a black nail polish in all of your nails except the ring finger.
2-Make sure the black nail polish is totally dried and then apply nail glue on your ring finger and carefully add a piece of black lace on it and gently press on it with any metallic stick or whatever you have access to.
3-After the lace is glued on your ring finger, cut the left overs of the lace with small scissors.
4-Add some small rhinestones in there to make your ring finger sparkle.
And that it is! A beautiful nail covered in lace. This is a very romantic nail design worth trying for special events such as Valentines day or anniversary day, or any other day you feel like spoiling yourself with a beautiful nail design that doesn’t require you to spend any money and that makes your nails look very feminine. If black is not your favourite colour and you don’t really like painting your nails in black, then feel free to create the same nail design but with different colour. Just make sure to add same colour lace because that would ruin the looks. In my opinion this nail design would look ideal in white for your wedding day. Try it now and share with us your final result. I am sure you will all going to love it as much as I do!
Romantic Lace Nail Tutorial

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