dimanche 23 février 2014

Butterfly Nail Tutorial

Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures that makes everyone admire their beauty, colour and glamour while they fly away in the endless sky…and that’s what has inspired many nail art loved to create the arms of the butterfly into their nails. I absolutely love the idea, wish I could have thought it myself first but unfortunately this is not my original idea but you can find it easily on the web so whoever did it first, we are grateful!
This nail tutorial consist on beautiful purple and black butterflies that are going to make your nails look gorgeous. All you will need to create the exact same nails is a purple nail polish and a black manicure with a thick brush to paint. Start by applying a full coat of purple manicure over your nails, and then get ready your glitter purple manicure to apply on top if you like. In this picture below you can easily see the use of two manicures, one over the other but if you like to keep it simple, you can start painting the butterfly over the first coat of nail polish. Look at the tutorial below in order to create the best butterfly arms with the black manicure and once you are done with it, make sure the black manicure is dried before you add the white dots.
And that’s it! The result is stunning and it only takes a few minutes to create them. If you like, you can add small nail accessories to make your nails sparkle even more. Have fun creating them and let the butterfly inspire you!
Butterfly Nail Tutorial

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