dimanche 23 février 2014

How to Make Lovely Purple Nails

This is a super easy way on making lovely purple nail design in only a few minutes without trying hard. Usually, nail designs we see on the web or beauty saloons, really take time to create-but not this one. Purple is a colour that can be applied onto your nails no matter the season but the good thing is that if you don’t have any purple nail polish, then you can create the same look with different colours but purple is highly recommended if you want the exact same nails as shown below. In making this nail design you will need three different shades of purple nails polishes (start from the lightest to the darkest one such as shown below) and a sponge.
Apply a white nail polish over your nails and then after that is totally dried take the sponge and carefully add three layers of purple nail polish such as indicated below. It will probably get a little bit messy around your nail but nothing to worry; that can be taken off gradually when you wash your hands or use polish removed to clean the skin off the nail polish. You can either add a top coat or transparent gel , or if you don’t have any, simply let your nails dry and you are ready to rock the new stylish purple design over your nails. This is a great idea that has been used for long now but in case you never heard of it before, the picture below shall help you achieve the best look.
How to Make Lovely Purple Nails

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