dimanche 23 février 2014

Spiral French Braid

This has given a old style of platting your hair a classic and stylish appeal to it. The design is just amazing in self, with the texture and circle effect truly brings it all together and gives it that whoo affect.
1. Part the hair evenly and then make a ponytail right in the middle of the head.
2. Being to platt the hair from the side of the fringe, split the ponytail down the middle and began to fed it while you platt the fringe.
3. Repeat the steps to the other side.
4. Now when you have finished feeding the hair through the platt. Grab the remaining platts on each side and began to platt them together.
This such a classic platt that should be used more often. It can be used for that job interview because it does have that business, shop attend or whatever job your going for. It can be used to keep the hair out of the way for when your studying or just watching a movie. As you can read this style can be used for any occasion.
Spiral French Braid Tutorial

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