mardi 11 février 2014

How to Apply Perfect Eyeliner Using Tape

Beauty tricks don’t have an ending and that is because of women around the world, trying to make things easy on themselves as well as others that are not that creative. We, women, know that eyeliner is a must in our makeup daily routine and that is because of its ability to make our eyes look bigger and brighter. But how many of you spend hours trying to apply the perfect eyeliner? I know I have. At start, it is hard for everyone but I think as years go by, we get more comfortable at applying it but for many would take a lifetime to apply a straight line without the need of fixing it.
Today I am going to show you a beauty trick that is going to amaze you all. All you need is tape and eyeliner. Carefully apply a piece of tape very close at your eyes such as shown in the picture below. After applying the tape, carefully follow the line of the tape and apply your eyeliner based on that.
The tape not only helps you apply a straight line, but also makes sure you apply the same shape on both of your eyes. For example, every time I apply eyeliner, one of the edges is always different from the other and that is because it is nearly impossible to apply the exact same line on both of your eyes. It takes a lot of practice and knowledge on how to do it. This beauty trick can be used by everyone. Not only beginners but anyone that feels the need to use it. A simple piece of tape and your problems are over! Try it now.
How to Apply Perfect Eyeliner Using Tape

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