jeudi 13 février 2014

How to Apply Hot Pink Lipstick

Pink is the most feminine and appealing colour that you can try! It is the worldwide symbolism of female gender and three’s nothing like a hot pink lipstick to show your feminine side! Pink along with red, are two of the most attractive colours a woman can wear.
The tutorial below shows you step by step, how to apply this gorgeous hot pinkish lipstick. Make sure your lips are well moisturized and apply a base after that. You can use your fingers or a clean brush to do that. You will need a pencil of the same colour as your lipstick in order to create the perfect line and shape. Look at the picture number three; start by lining you upper lip first and then your lower lip.
With the same pencil (or better use a lipstick of the same colour if you have one) fill your lips such as shown in the picture number four and five, It is best to use a small brush in order to create the smooth perfect look that is shown in this tutorial. With a cotton pad take off the extra pencil of your lip and get ready to apply the pink lip gloss. Very carefully apply the lip gloss and make sure to apply cream powder on your face to cover the imperfections (if there is any). The pink lipstick is perfect for evening events, photo shoot, party’s , weddings, and even daily! Simply look at this picture tutorial and you will have the best pink lipstick look ever!
How to Apply Hot Pink Lipstick

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